Oysterville Science Academy

Mission Statement

The Oysterville Science Academy offers the fourth grade students of Ocean Beach School District an opportunity for enrichment in the study of science by means of a twelve-day immersion in how a scientist works; the anticipated outcome being eager learners who will make significant contributions to their world. 

The curriculum

"Science: A Process Approach, AAAS Archives, Washington D.C."
The "Scope and Sequence" of "Science: A Process Approach", a curriculum developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, lists introductory scientific processes as: observing, inferring, predicting, using numbers, measuring, communicating, using space/time relationships, and classifying. This curriculum serves as the instructional foundation of the Academy and is augmented by interviews with local scientists, research into the methods used by famous scientists, an exploration of the scientific method as the basis of all learning, and an investigation of the observable phenomena this peninsula offers.

The location

3322 School Rd, Ocean Park, WA 98640
The Oysterville Schoolhouse was selected for its ambiance, its history, and its fundamental purpose as a place of learning.

The Students

Fourth grade students of the Ocean Beach School District interested in the Academy may contact Boys & Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula. Students will go through an application and interview process. Those selected must be or become members of the Boys & Girls Club at a cost of $25. Scholarships will be offered as needed.

The staff

The preparation and teaching will be led by the founder, Diane Buttrell. Diane is a retired elementary school teacher who had instruction and experience in teaching "Science: A Process Approach" within the Port Huron Area School District in Port Huron, Michigan. Teaching assistants will be AmeriCorps Volunteers, currently under contract with the Washington Service Corps, serving the Boys & Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula. Also assisting will be Friends of the Academy who have been accredited for service by the Boys & Girls Club.  

Oysterville Science Academy in the news!

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interested in attending Oysterville Science Academy 2017?

If you are a fourth-grade student or a parent of one and are interested in Oysterville Science Academy please contact Diane Buttrell at edianebuttrell@gmail.com, or Allie at alliebgc@gmail.com!